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ZIFIR is a Cash & Despatch firm only and no account facilities are provided except in unavoidable cases. These cases are rare and limited to hire overruns and despatch or other charges where such costs cannot be predetermined; any such costs becoming due immediately upon demand. All pre-payments are to be "cleared" unless otherwise agreed by ZIFIR.


ZIFIR adopt a European approach to despatch. We have a minimum order charge of 100.00 net (or EURO equivalent). Carriage is at cost or estimated cost. A handling charge of 10.00 or 2% of the net goods value, whichever is the greater, will apply to all orders. Goods are the risk of the customer from when it leaves our premises, or, in the event of a despatch by a party nominated by us. We will quote for transit insurance if so asked, otherwise we will not be liable for loss, whether disappearance of goods, damage, consequential or any other kind whatsoever. Samples are charged at a minimum cost of 15.00 net per item. Where a small or sample order is less that the foregoing, it will usually be preferable to purchase this from a display dealer and ZIFIR will use its best endeavours to assist the customer in this regard.


In accordance with the "best practice" rules of the display profession we provide free information on our products per se, but not on their suitability for any particular or general purpose. This can only be properly and safely determined by trained and qualified professional personnel (e.g. with a display degree such as B.A. Hons, or a recognised BDS qualification). As a matter of integrity and honesty, we also do not compete with our own clients such as POS/POP manufacturers, display makers et sic. Any help provided by ZIFIR is on the strict understanding that it is a suggestion for consideration only and customers must make their own trials and evaluations, together with their clients in turn and ZIFIR will not be responsible for any failure of safety, marketing, suitability or of any other nature whatsoever as the job is outside of our control. Notwithstanding the foregoing, ZIFIR will consider commissions for consultancy in display movement related matters on a chargeable basis if so requested by the most senior person in the applicant firm and likewise and together with the most senior persons of any other firms with an interest in the matter. All such consultancy services will be under the rules of engagement of the BDS.


All customers and clients are reminded that legal and safety, as well as marketing considerations apply to display and are strongly advised to ensure that they only use personnel who have been properly trained and are a current member of the BDS. It is advisable that every firm in the line of progression of a display order has a display movement policy in place. Rechargeable, mixed (different types or/and different makes) must never be used. Batteries should never be left in equipment left unused for more than 30 days. Safety labels must never be removed or defaced.

Maximum operating environment temperature for all Zifir movements must not exceed 40 DEG C. All items supplied by us are only suitable for use in a dry environment.


Customers who are used to procedures in the POS/POP, display, event and exhibition trades are not always aware of the differences in comparison with engineering. Cardboard and other light material construction can sometimes be mocked up overnight. An engineered item can take weeks, months, or even a few years to prototype. Consultations, draft sketches, dimensioned and CAD drawings followed by prototyping, usually involving extensive machine set up times and evaluation and modifications are in a different league. Good practice involves an understanding of the trade ordering and stock availability variable in this profession. It is also good practice to ensure that you have available stock before committing to a contract. Once again, trained BDS personnel should be aware of the trade practices and pitfalls and we strongly recommend that you do not engage in a job for which you cannot show a relevant qualification or equivalent experience, training and safety awareness.

RATINGS & SPECIFICATIONS - applicable to all our products

All equipment is sold as component parts for use in display sets and suitable for trade use only. All ratings are for normal use based upon an 8 hour day and 50% maximum centrical (correctly balanced) loading. All items are designed for indoor use only unless otherwise stated and at normal working temperature and pressure and humidity experienced in temperate zones. The maximum operating temperature should not exceed 40 C ay any time. This means the movement and environs.

 All ratings, speeds, datum load weights, measurements and other factors are approximate except where otherwise stated e.g. temperature and maximums of any kind.  Speeds of all ZIFIR movements are not synchronised with each other unless we receive a specific request for this and this requires interfacing, which, if available, is subject to special quotation. RPM can vary due to supply across the EEC and fluctuations and variations around 20% is normal. Speeds are no-load speeds, and where battery driven, are rated for new professional grade alkaline batteries only. No guarantee claim will be accepted if other types of battery are used. All equipment is sold without batteries, which should be ordered separately. Throwaway units should be clearly understood and if not, professional help should be employed. Indeed, we recommend that all display, especially where movement is involved, should be under the aegis of a qualified member of the profession. We will gladly assist with any relevant questions about our products, and if these questions require the engagement of a display professional, we will so advise. Please note that you must expect to pay for their services.

Some turntables are rated to larger diameters than the basic platen. The datum load weight reduces as you increase the diameter. Never exceed the largest rated diameter. Addition of options may vary other data e.g. rotating electrical supply may increase height on some models. Data is available on request. 

Unless otherwise specified, all display movements are not suitable for frequent on/off switching. Illustrations are not binding in detail. Prices & specifications are subject to change without notice.

Datum load weights should be applied to all display movements, as for turntables, wherever possible.


  1. All equipment sold by Zifir Moving Display is sold as trade items and not suitable for consumer use.
  2. The guarantee period is metered solely on a time basis regardless of use (if any).
  3. All guarantees are limited to the original purchaser only and are not transferable without the written consent of Zifir Moving Display.
  4. All purchasers are required to comply with current safety regulations and in particular, not to place any equipment sold by Zifir Moving Display in such a manner as to cause injury. The purchaser shall indemnify Zifir Moving Display in respect of any claim falling under this heading, including full indemnity legal costs and our own time costs, on a commercial basis.
  5. The period of guarantee is for ninety days from the date of purchase. All claims must be made immediately upon discovery of a fault.
  6. All claims under guarantee must be accompanied by a valid receipt (or copy) of payment.
  7. All claims must be of an honest nature. Goods must not have been mistreated and the time period must be correct.
  8. Zifir Moving Display shall have the right to recover from the purchaser a reasonable sum to cover time and handling for any claim which is not of a valid nature and the purchaser is liable to pay such sum on demand.
  9. Mistreatment shall be deemed to include (but shall not be limited to) evidence of tampering, forcing, a knock or blow, distortion, corrosion, abrasion, damage to contacts, use of any battery or other power source not expressly specified by Zifir Moving Display, solvent attack, spillage of liquid or powder or debris or foreign matter or damage arising from unskilled persons (which will normally be determined as persons not having undergone formal training in display and not holding current BDS membership).
  10. Zifir Moving Display, will, at its own option either repair or replace any item falling under the terms of this guarantee. No claim for consequential loss, howsoever caused, will be entertained.
  11. Operation of all goods and equipments must be as specified in any relevant instructions and catalogue which must be read and understood prior to both installation and use. Sufficient time to appraise any project and fully bench and field test prior to full production must be allowed.
  12. These terms and conditions shall be deemed and interpreted to fall under UK law, but subject to any overriding EEC legislation.
  13. No employee, representative or agent of Zifir Moving Display has authority to vary the terms of this guarantee.

Price guarantee

WE GUARANTEE OUR PRICE FOR ANY ITEM TO BETTER ANY OTHER LIKE FOR LIKE DEAL BY AT LEAST 5%. You must produce to us evidence of this offer at the time of ordering from us. It should be a regular, published and in stock offer. Like for like means the specifications and quality must be as good and the firm should have equivalent qualifications to us. Special and promotional offers are excluded.

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights apply to the following:

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  • Snowdrop
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