ZIFIR MOVING DISPLAY - NO-ONE IN THE WORLD HAS OUR MELD OF EXPERIENCE Because we hold a clutch of display awards going back more than 25 years, including a first prize in the UK, a membership of the UK Professional Display Body, and are skilled in instrument engineering. Our people have supplied educational coursework via the Professional Body and the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority and work has been requested and is held by the Victoria & Albert Museum.



Advertising & Marketing companies come to us with their clients to upgrade their display & marketing. Of course, we specialise in movement and it’s now recognised that a decision to use movement is no longer the question; rather, is there a better reason not to use it? We deal with product launches, national and world-wide. Our creative abilities and experience enable us to come up with slogans and other clever marketing wordings. The list goes on. We come to you and listen. Then we ask questions. Then we think. Each job is different, which is the only thing that’s never different. We are able to work on a contingency basis on occasions – no win no fee – such is our confidence. We operate world-wide. We can upgrade your marketing no end with movement led techniques. Our credentials above are definitive.



Avoiding the problems is a great way to success. Over the decades, we have seen firms, end users, retailers of all shapes and sizes, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment all go out of business. On a number of occasions, this follows legal action as a result of a claim.  Other industries and businesses are not immune either.

We advise you to keep up to speed with legislation. The BDS have nearly 70 years of H & S relating to display.  Recommended is to pay particular attention to planning display, matters to be set down in writing, risk assessment, the duties and limitations of personnel and the appointment of a competent person to oversee the job.

The interpretation of H & S is evolving, but the term “competent person” is important and the employment of a formally trained person with experience is likely to be determinant.  In this regard, we only use professionals who are certified by the British Professional Display Body – the British Display Society. This society achieved Royal status in the personage of the Queen’s late cousin, the Rt Hon The Earl of Litchfield. The V & A museum holds BDS archives and the BDS create coursework and examinations questions and answers and is an award and prize giving body. Our people have worked and assisted the BDS for decades.

There’s more, but we’ll leave it at that. You won’t find this level of expertise anywhere else on the planet. We hold ourselves as demonstrable “competent persons”. Well, we do liaise with the H & S executive.

Insurance companies are becoming increasingly aware of these risks and some now ask for evidence of H & S policy, whilst others rely on “utmost good faith”. The problem is that they can dismiss any claim, say a ruinous flood, because they can claim they would not have taken on the business in the first place had they been properly informed of the risks. Can you afford to lose everything? It doesn’t stop there, criminal proceedings can follow.

We offer advice and consultation on display under the aegis of a recognised professional with credentials. If you do not have a formally trained display professional who is a current member of the Professional Body, we can offer you the services of one to help ensure regulatory compliance.


Up to now, only large firms and organisations were able (and minded) to afford a professional consultancy service. Now ZIFIR has a new, adaptable consultancy service available for smaller firms, including stores and POP/POS manufacturers.

We only accept commissions in writing, from principals