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We have very busy this year and have outsourced direct client work. We are offering these representative returns at a cracking price. As usual, when it's gone, it's gone! Everything is fully checked and, where necessary, serviced and comes with a 3-month (90 day) guarantee.

BDS - 5% discount still applies where applicable as well as the free sample service.

This list changes faster than we can update, so email us for your requirements - more items being added. We will offer additional discount for more than one item.

Prices in brackets are new prices - The early birds get the deals

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3 off DLW 10 £95 ea (normal price £123.90) as new
2 off DLW 15 £99 ea (£143.00) as new
2 off DLW 50 with ROTATING ELECTRIC SUPPLY £250.00 (£337.00)
1 off DLW 100 £380 (396.00) scuffed coating on platen, otherwise as new


DLW 50 WITH STOP & GO with 4 stops, infinitely adjustable. £450.00 (£544.00)
DLW 50 oscillating with two stops. £450.00 (£544.00)
DLW 200 with oscillation and rotating electrical supply 4 amp max. £850.00 (£1,350.00)


DLW 100 c/w bespoke pole and 3 shelves for display -no need for a cabinet with a top support, our turntables are so strong, they don't need them - may be spoke do order to your height and shelf size. Contact enquiries@zifir.com

2 off 100 gm as new £99.00 (£125)
2 off 400 gm as new £105.00 (£145)
2 off 800 gm as new £115.00 (£169)
3 off 1,000 gm as new £150.00 (£183)

1 off RACK DRIVE LINEAR MOTOR as new £126.00 (£182.00)

3 off T4 Ų 800mm ELECTRONIC BATTERY TURNTABLES (forward/off/reverse) datum load weight 30 kg with c. 90 days run time on one set of batteries. From light usage to as new £250.00 - £295.00) (£395.00)

45 off T1 ELECTRONIC TURNTABLES (one year run time on a set of two batteries)
various models black or white, some with forward/off/reverse switching, some with snowdrop mirror edging (several colours available Anthracite/Silver/Red/Blue/Green/Gold/Diamond Sparkle/Gold Diamond Sparkle) some with Jewellers Plush fabric;  various prices from £85.00 (from £150) various conditions - all 100% serviceable.

Approximately 120 Assorted SWINGERS @ 1/2 price - all new unpackaged, see POS MOTORS SECTION


FREE READY TO GO balanced & weighted hands for S1/100 Swingers©

Swinger hands We used to sell boxed of sets of Swingers© with these hands, a left and right hand pair. The hands are made from a material we have never seen before or since. It is hard to describe them, but they appear to be a composite material with a laser etched or similar very reflective surface. The pattern of lines, rather moir© and diffraction style, make a most eye-catching complex and changing light dancing effect.

They are individually weighted, balanced and ready marked for attachment to an S1/100 Swinger©. We use narrow double-sided tape for this.

Due to a client default, these were separated from the boxed sets and stored loose. As a result, some scratching has occurred, although this has little effect. However, in order to clear them, we are offering them FREE, one with each S1/100 Swinger©. The orientation can be altered by resetting the weights, although it's hardly worth the time.

These hands sold separately for £12.00 each + vat.

There are different colours and we won't sort them at this price, so you'll get an unquantified mix of colours Red, Blue, Green, Lemon, Silver & Amber, and left & right hands. The offer is only until they are all sold, as we cannot obtain more. The offer is limited to complete cartons of 300 S1/100 Swingers© and there's no guarantee as they're free, though this is rather academic as there's little to go wrong.

500 R4 OVERHEAD ROTATORS  all brand new - these were incorrectly labelled with our name on stick on labels instead of printing direct. £295.00 per box of 100 (£495) - THAT'S £2.95 EACH AND THEY'RE NOT CARDBOARD ONES!

BEARINGS AND RINGS - less 20% - special offers for some - please ask.


Rotating Shelf Attachment

Animated Dolls

Animated Rabbit

For DLW100 or DLW200 turntable. Comes with 3-tier shelves and all fittings. £350.

Contents displayed not included.

GLASS - Collection only.

SOLAR POWERED - No battery, mains or petrol required) £49.00 (£125.00) - BRAND NEW BUT UNBOXED. Our longevity test one is still running after 5 years - and these are supposed to be throwaway class! Extra discount for quantity

Clients should bear in mind that POS/POP items are throwaway - see POS page for clarification.

Two movement. Head goes from side to side. Paws move carrot up and down. Full sculpted body construction on chassis with access. Finished to highest quality using singeing and airbrush techniques and with glass eyes. £1250.00 (£1650.00)

Move views available on request.




Full-form construction and high artistic finish. This type of construction is far in excess of the typical shopping centre displays which tend to have a skeleton construction with a pole and crossbar. £980.00 (£1225.00)